Recent Scripts & Executors

Pet Simulator X Autofarm, Dupe, And Auto Hatch Script OP (2023 Pastebin)

This pet simulator x autofarm script is super op and has 100+ features such as dupe, auto hatch, autofarm, and so much more!

Pistol 1V1 Aimbot and ESP Script Owl Hub (2023 Pastebin)

This Pistol 1v1 script is currently the most OP script yet, it has aimbot and esp and it wont get patched!

OP Doors Entity Spawner And Autofarm Script (2023 Pastebin)

This doors entity spawner script is not patched and super simple to use! It is super OP.

OP Build A Boat For Treasure Autofarm Script V.G Hub (2023 Pastebin)

This build a boat for treasure script is really OP and has a super fast autofarm!

OP Roblox Brookhaven Script Teleports SpaceHub (2023 Pastebin)

This brookhaven script is just used for teleports but still very useful and has a ton of features.

OP Twisted Autofarm, Teleports, Inf Cash Script SpaceHub (2023 Pastebin)

This Twisted script is the only script out there for this game with a ton of features!

OP Bloxfruits Autofarm, Teleports, Devil Fruit Sniper, and more Script spaceHub (2023 Pastebin)

This bloxfruits script is really OP it has a ton of features and a clean UI!

OP Prison Life Gun Mods And More Script (2023 Pastebin)

This Prison Life script is one of the best scripts out there and it has so many features for prison life!

OP The Eastern War Gun Mods and Kill All Script (2023 Pastebin)

This The Eastern War is currently the only script that is working for this game with over 30+ features, I highly recommend this script!

OP Mad City Autorob, Kill All, And Teleports GUI (2023)

This mad city script is Super OP with a ton of features such as, autorob, kill all, and more!

OP Roblox Pet Simulator X Dupe And Autofarm Script (2023 Pastebin)

This Pet Simulator X Script is super OP with over 500+ features, it can dupe, autofarm, and so much more!

Roblox D-DAY Silent Aim Script (Pastebin 2023)

This roblox d-day script is the most OP script for d-day it is also the only current working script for d-day!
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